Daehee(Dave) Lee

I am a Master's student in Computer Science and Engineering at New York University . I put a lot of myself into Deep Learning nowadays. I am so excited to be involved in NVIDIA AI Project!

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Last updated: April 10, 2020


My ultimate goal is to develop integrated framworks and systems that can be applied to a variety of businesses and that would be a valuable contribution to people’s everyday lives. The platform does not matter. It could be AI, VR, Web and App Technology.


K-POP Idol Charts & Voting Service - FAN N STAR

K-POP Idol Charts Service: FAN N STAR Index Page

> Issue Report [Link]

News Service - THE FACT

News Service: THE FACT Index Page

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Virtual Coupon Service - LUNCH ID

Virtual Coupon Service: Early Version

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Prototyping - Cooper Hewitt | New York City Design Museum

Prototyping: Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City

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Virtual Reality Application - Korean Restaurant Week in New York City

Virtual Reality Website: Restaurant Week Index Page

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> Spotlights in Korea Times [Link]

Mobile Application - Basketball Coach Board

> Google Play Store [Link]


New York University
Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Fall 2019 – Present 

Courses: Machine Learning, Data Structure and Algorithm, Internet Architecture and Protocols, Advanced Project I, Computing Systems and Architecture, Real-Time Embedded Systems (Total Number of Credits: 18.0)

Work Experience

Software Engineer at THE FACT (Sports Seoul Media)
February 2019 – August 2019

  • Maintained large-scale servers to handle millions of concurrently running clients at very high request rates worldwide
  • Enhanced existing news service on web and mobile web and global K-pop idol ranking service on mobile, tablet, desktop to mobile app
  • Remodeled and upgraded existing news service on mobile app and content management system for the administrator dashboard
  • Wrote simple and complex SQL procedures, functions, scripts and queries as well as created and implemented customized databases for various software applications
  • Carried out QA and monitoring protocols and addressed the errors

Software Engineer at Image360 (Google Trusted Agency)
March 2016 – April 2017

  • Developed and maintained prototypes, the web services from the initial stage to release, and site maps
  • Built database, coupon automation system, payment gateway system, reservation system, virtual reality app, and cloud infrastructure
  • Implemented open source library, various APIs, data analysis
  • Worked on all aspects of the lunch subscription service creations on mobile, tablet, and desktop, from initial design and architecture to development, deployment, and maintenance of website
  • Overhauled programs and systems, improved the existing software, and performed data migration
  • Hosted multiple websites on a partitioned server with Amazon S3
  • Collaborated with Google; First Data Merchant Services; BLU Realty Group, etc.

Software Engineer at ST Unitas (Subsidiary: The Princeton Review)
February 2016 – March 2016

  • Offered product support and added new features to the legacy website
  • Maintained central website on mobile, tablet, and desktop to large-scale touch screen interactions


[Newspaper] The Korea Times Spotlights
July 2016  Read More


  • 2-Year Tandon Merit Scholarship, New York University (Fall 2019)
    • This scholarship is awarded to students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Gachon Scholarship, Gachon University (Spring/Fall 2014, Spring/Fall 2015)
    • This scholarship is awarded to students for achieving the encouragement in the university
  • Hongik Scholarship, Hongik University (Spring/Fall 2010, Spring/Fall 2013)
    • This scholarship is awarded to students with excellent records

Technical Skills

Specialty  Web and App Technology, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Cyber Physical System
Languages  Python, PHP, Java, MATLAB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C/C++/C#, VRML, XML, Swift, SQL
Database  MySQL, Oracle Database, MSSQL, SQLite
Framework  PyTorch, Laravel, Bootstrap, WordPress, jQuery
Platform  GitHub, MySQL Workbench, MAMP, Android Studio, Amazon EC2/S3, Google Analytics, Panotour Pro, FileZilla, Trello, Slack, Jira, Unity3D, etc.

Language Proficiency

Fluent in English and Korean

Extracurricular Activities

Squad Commander in an airborne field at Korea Marines
January 2011 – October 2012

  • Led and managed airborne team
  • Served as a squad leader; discharged upon completion as a Sergeant
  • Delivered linguistic assistance to US Marines and assisted with interpretation of local language

Mathematics Teacher at Samsung Dream Class
September 2010 – December 2010

  • Taught Mathematics to less fortunate primary and middle school students sponsored by Samsung Group
  • Helped students adjust to school life
  • Counselled students' issues such as admission, career

Student Council Representative at Hongik University
March 2010 – December 2010

  • Represented the freshman's interests
  • Helped other students adjust to campus life
  • Posted news about the major, scholarships, and jobs

Other Projects

Location Tracking Management System – 2015

Built a locatioin tracking system by utilizing Bluetooth low energy 'Beacon'.

> More Details [Link]

Social Networking Service – 2015

Built a mobile web service that allows users to view artists' biography, albums, artworks, and upcoming concerts, pictures and videos.

> More Details [Link]

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